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Mazzucato, Alessandro (2010) La valorizzazione di Monte Pendice nei Colli Euganei: un caso-studio di approcci partecipativi alla gestione delle aree protette. [Laurea vecchio ordinamento]

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The valorization of Monte Pendice in the Euganean Hills: a case study for the application of participatory methods in the management of protected areas Lately a new approach to environmental policies has taken place which, under the name of environmental Governance, provides that the assumption of decisions has to come from as wide as possible participation of all subjects involved, directly or indirectly. This approach is particularly suitable for areas dedicated to preservation of nature and the Euganean Hills Regional Park Organization, the organization who manages the homonymous Regional Park, has since a long time recognized the opportunity of operating with these principles, even if making them practical has shown some difficulties. The necessity to find suitable procedures has conducted to a study on 'Rocca Pendice', a very attended area for touristic-recreational activities, recently become a public property, in which management problems, besides conflicting with the normal difficulty to reconcile an excessive pressure of visitors with the protection of biodiversity, are stressed by the presence of pilgrim hawk as a species building their nests among the walls where climbing activity is practiced.

Item Type:Laurea vecchio ordinamento
Corsi di Laurea vecchio ordinamento:Facoltà di Agraria > CL Scienze Forestali c Ambientali
Uncontrolled Keywords:Monte Pendice, Colli Euganei, aree protette
Subjects:Area 07 - Scienze agrarie e veterinarie > AGR/01 Economia ed estimo rurale
Codice ID:25180
Relatore:Gatto, Paola
Data della tesi:August 2010
Biblioteca:Polo di Agripolis - Legnaro > C.I.S. di Agripolis - Biblioteca "Pietro Arduino"
Tipo di fruizione per il documento:on-line per i full-text

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