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Pozzi, Giacomo (2012) Studio geologico-strutturale del contatto tra il Plutone di Masino-Bregaglia e le unitĂ  del Gruf in Alta Val Codera. [Laurea triennale]

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This field work is focused on the study of the easternmost part of a major pegmatitic belt hosted in the central Alps. In particular in a small area located at the western contact between the Bergell pluton and the migmatitic rocks of the Gruf, in the upper Codera valley, province of Sondrio. The outcrops are mainly exposed in the cirque of Trubinasca. The commonly agreed datation in many studies of this oligocenic periadriatic pluton allowed more speculations about the chronology of the dykes. Field observations have provided the precise relationships between different families of pegmatites and the hosting rocks, showing a polyphase intrusive history with at least three separate events. This is accompanied by a structural study of ductile and brittle deformation structures almost always intimately related with the dykes. The results, ordered in time, provide a positive correlation with the classic Alpine stress field and the history of the emplacement of the Bergell pluton. The talk about the genesis of the pegmatites is still open and speculative, in expectation of future and more systematic datations of the dykes.

Item Type:Laurea triennale
Corsi di Laurea Triennale:Scuola di Scienze > Scienze geologiche
Uncontrolled Keywords:Pegmatiti, Bregaglia
Codice ID:43298
Relatore:Pennacchioni, Giorgio
Correlatore:Guastoni, Alessandro
Data della tesi:21 September 2012
Biblioteca:Polo di Scienze > Dip. Geoscienze - Biblioteca
Tipo di fruizione per il documento:on-line per i full-text
Tesi sperimentale (Si) o compilativa (No)?:Yes

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