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Calore, Silvia (2015) Determinazione dell'istamina in campioni di pesce: sviluppo del metodo in HPCL. [Magistrali a ciclo unico]

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Histamine is biogenic amine obtained by decorboxylation of histidine and is present naturally in many foods of comon consumption. The research of histamine in food sample, is currently a great interest in the field of Food Quality. This, because of the reactions of intolerance and hypersensitivy, causing in some atopic individuals, particularly sensitive to it, that come in contact through food. In particular the quantitative determinatio in some species of fish in the food industry has proved a very current topic area of resarch and analysis. Over time they were evaluated and developed several methods for this analysis, which use different techniques and tools, evolved with techlogical advancement. Currently the analysis by HPLC technique tha allowe to obtain the most satisfactory results, adequate and repeatable. In this thesis it is tried to developed an effective method and complies with the requirements of trade, for the deteminatio of histamine content in fish samples using HPLC. The study was conducted taking into account both the needs of trade and economic of the host, both thos already present in the literature and in current legislation. The were evalueted three different methods, among wigh, the third is found to be the most suitable to initial charge, allowing to determine the analyte respecting both the technical and economic requirement. It'was the drawn up a method internal to the laboratory for resarch of histamine in samples of fish, leaving open a good prospect of improvement in the method and expansions of the research also other biogenic amines, given the encouraging preliminary results.

Item Type:Magistrali a ciclo unico
Additional Information:
Uncontrolled Keywords:istamina, ammine biogene, HPLC
Subjects:Area 03 - Scienze chimiche > CHIM/08 Chimica farmaceutica
Codice ID:50009
Relatore:Zagoyyo, Giuseppe
Correlatore:Radaelli, Marco
Data della tesi:21 September 2015
Biblioteca:Polo di Scienze > Polo di Scienze - Bibl. Scienze del Farmaco, via Marzolo 5
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