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Tomic, Paola (2018) Isolation and morphological characterization of IFP-derived stem-like cells: investigation on their potential role in osteoarthritis. [Laurea specialistica a ciclo unico]

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The extrasynovial adipose tissue, Infrapatellar Fat Pad (IFP), is an emerging player in knee osteoarthritis (OA). Little awareness on origin/function of the stem cells component of the IFP exists. This study aims to isolate/characterize IFP-derived stem cells (IFP-dSCs) from OA patients investigating their role in disease development. Isolated IFP-dSCs morphology and ultrastructure were observed by optical and Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM); expansion potential of cells was assessed by long term culturing. IFP-dSCs vitality and metabolic activity was analyzed. Flow cytometry analysis was performed; in particular, the expression profile was CD73high/FGFR2high/IL-6Rhigh/HLA-ABChigh/HLA-DRhigh/CD90+/VEGFR2+/CD34low/CD44low/IL-1Rlow/CD45-/CD117-. At last IFP-dSCs plasticity was also assessed, evaluating their commitment towards the adipogenic, chondrogenic and endothelial lineages. IFP-dSCs isolation required 14 h; cells were fibroblast-like and typically spindle shaped at low density, showing a greater polygonal nucleus at high density. TEM revealed vesicles in the cytoplasm ascribed to autophagosomes. The replication time was 42.7 (plus;minus) 3.8 h. IFP-dSCs immunophenotype suggested a role in modulation of inflammation. Preliminary data about plasticity revealed the ability in differentiating towards adipogenic and endothelial lineages. Experimental evidence on IFP-dSCs seem to correlate histopathological features of IFP in OA (i.e. thickening of interlobular septa, increase in vascularization and innervation) with the stem cell component.

Item Type:Laurea specialistica a ciclo unico
Corsi di Laurea specialistica a ciclo unico:Facoltà di Farmacia > Farmacia
Uncontrolled Keywords:infrapatellar fat pad, IFP, stem cells, osteoarthritis
Subjects:Area 03 - Scienze chimiche > CHIM/06 Chimica organica
Codice ID:60991
Relatore:Grandi, Claudio
Correlatore:Macchi, Veronica and Stocco, Elena
Data della tesi:27 June 2018
Biblioteca:Polo di Scienze > Polo di Scienze - Bibl. Scienze del Farmaco, via Marzolo 5
Note per la fruizione:Embargo permanente per motivi di segretezza e/o di proprietà dei risultati e/o informazioni sensibili. Testo a stampa non depositato in biblioteca per espressa volontà dell'autore
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